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    Billy’s Static Squad Sign up sheet.

    Please note you should only sign up to this squad if you have raid experience and at least 50% ascended gear (like all trinkets with two or so armor pieces)

    Raiders should have watched videos on the bosses we are working on. Before joining the team. And know rotations.

    All builds must meet SnowCrows specs. Don’t be changing shit out just because it’s shiny and you like it. Use the skills they call for. Use the rotations they call for. There is a section in most build modules that give you bosses examples for whatever build you’re looking at. They also give you the rotations breakdown and cc breakdowns. Don’t just use SnowCrows to get traits, gear and food. Use it for rotations, ccs and boss examples. That site should be bookmarked for everyone.

    Everyone should be trying to get as much practice as possible including times outside of raids such as practicing rotations on golem in aerodome. Please spend 1-3 hours outside of raid times practicing your builds and rotations.

    In addition, if you make the squad your participation should be 95%- 98% of the time. Basically, don’t sign up for raids and then not come. When you don’t show up you are actually hurting 9 others and wasting their time. Please show up and be on time (which means a little early not 5 after or 1 min til go time).

    Amber says the goals for the whole team are:
    So here is what you should accomplish in our 2 hours raid time.

    • VG – 15 – 20 mins (this includes trash mobs at beginning)
    • Spirit Run – 10-15 mins
    • Gorsval – 10 mins
    • Escort – 15-20 mins (should be less but im giving us a break here)
    • 5 to 10 min break
    • Cairn – 10 mins
    • MO – 10 mins
    • Sammy – 15 mins

    This is your TEAM GOAL right now. This is what we should be working on together as a team. This is a generous goal you actually should be able to to do this and more in 2 hours. If you can do all of this in less than an hour then that still leaves another 1 hour for learning a new boss or getting practice in on another harder boss.

    If you can’t do this then you guys are not progressing enough and need to work on something.

    Here are your goals as a raider:

    • Know your build and what role it plays within the squad. Understand trait and gear choices of your build and play accordingly.
    • Learning the rotation. Your rotation should be second nature and must be worked on outside of raids. Learning to adapt the rotation for a specific boss fight will be key to your DPS success. You can practice on the golem in the aerodome.
    • Mechanics – study those videos including the ones we record on our streamer channels – Jamie streams raids and videos are left up for 14 days afterwards for reviewing go watch them see yourself in them, and of course show up to raids on your nights. This is when you practice mechanics.
    • Stacking – there are some of you who are horrible at stacking. Get in the proper spots. If you don’t have mesmer well indicator on your buffs you’re probably not in the proper spot.

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