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    Date: April 12th 7pm eastern.
    Theme: Game of Thrones – Bows, Daggers and Swords is the weapons we will be using this night so bring any toon that can use any or all of those. In addition, Rangers use “Game of thrones pets” like wolves, ravens etc.
    Time: 7pm est 2 hours before WvW reset.
    TS: – Special room created for that nights event under the WvW rooms look for a room there marked with the [NUDE] tag.

    A few words about the playlist. All music for this night is related in some way to GOT. While some of it is actual GOT music from the show, some music was chosen due to the name of the song, other music was taken from special playlists made by Game of Thrones that related or they felt applied to the characters of Game of Thrones. If you’re interested in those playlists they can be found here: – under public playlist. Basically it is NOT all classical epic music.


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    Our theme this week

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