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    Summer School Banner

    ** Note these classes take the place of our regular Saturday Night WvW run.**

    Attendence doesn’t require you to have one of that topic classes. You can learn about a class even if you don’t have that type of class. Maybe you’ll learn how to counter a spell or skill they use. Come on whatever floats your boat that night is fine however, being on the same class of character that is being taught that night does help understand the things we will be discussing.

    The goals:

    • Everyone learn something new about something we are teaching
    • Perhaps someone chooses a new class to learn and play
    • To improve our zerg’s effectivness in all areas of WvW
    • Get people to embrace a semi-meta build at minimum (meaning at least you being a class that is somewhat meta maybe you tweek the skills or something to your liking but its a meta class and provides most of what makes it a meta class)
    • Learning made fun I do hope I can pull off learning something new and still remain fun for all

    Please note the textbook may change a bit between now and when classes begin as they are still being reviewed. But I wanted to make sure everyone had time to look stuff over to make & make sure they mark calenders for the classes.
    Class Materials: Complete Textbook

    Scheduled Classes:

    • June 22nd – 7:30pm eastern – Syllabus Class
    • June 29th – 7:30pm eastern – Commander Course
    • July 6th – 7:30pm eastern – Lieutenant & Zergling Course
    • July 13th – 7:30pm eastern – Guardian Course
    • July 20th – 7:30pm eastern – Elementalist Course
    • July 27th – 7:30pm eastern – Revenant Course
    • Aug 3rd – 7:30pm eastern – Necromancer Course
    • Aug 10th – 7:30pm eastern – Engineer Course
    • Aug 17th – 7:30pm eastern – Warrior Course
    • Aug 24th – 7:30pm eastern – Mesmer Course
    • Aug 31st – 7:30pm eastern – Ranger Course
    • Sept 7th – 7:30pm eastern – Thief Course

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