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    Holiday Party Banner

    Some Events of the evening (Please note at this posting I am still planning. Updates as I know them.)

    Costume Brawl – Stock up on your Christmas tonics and lets have some fun in the guild hall doing costume brawls – Reindeer, Snowmen, or any other holiday tonic. As guest arrive.

    Bacon’s Beetle Race
    Beetle Race in the guild hall 3 rounds with 1 winner each. Can only win one round.

    Protect the Noob – Basically, 2 people will make a “new toon” it’ll be like level 2, one for each team (we will divide party guests into 2 teams) The parties are to protect their “Noob” through a higher level map in a race to the finish. For this year’s 2018 we are having our noobs level to 25, as we are doing a 40-50 level map.
    *See rules below

    Protect the Noob Rules
    2 teams – from all the party guests in attendance

    1 Noob per team – Type will be announced when the map is announced. Noobs are created a day or so before hand and can only do the first initial tutorial part which gets them to level like level 2ish or 3ish. For this year’s 2018 we are having our noobs level to 25, as we are doing a 40-50 level map.

    2 moderators – 1 Per team their job is to follow the group and make sure their Noob gets the checkpoints and the team is following the rules (need 2 volunteers for this).

    Map: 2018 map is Dredgehaunt Cliffs

    Check point list will be distributed the night of the party.

    The teams protect their Noob through a map run in a race to the finish line. Anyone who has stumbled into a higher level area on a lower level toon knows this is incredibly hard in GW2 as lower levels in higher level areas create a bigger aggro circle and mobs focus them.

    • You can’t use waypoints (only to get back to a certain area if Noob dies and ONLY if said Noob has the waypoint)
    • Also no mesmer portals, no stealth skills, no port to friends, no booster
    • Check points along the way are needed to move on
    • If your Noob dies you must start over at the last checkpoint
    • Must STAY with your Noob if you stray too far from your Noob then the Noob must stop and sit down until stray member returns to them
    • First team to finishing point wins (I’m giving prizes to first team but don’t know yet what that will be)
    • All players do the run naked
    • No sabotaging the other group!

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