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      We held a guild meeting yesterday to discuss events and how to better manage them and get more events in. The result is we now have a new rank in the game called Event Leaders these are people who have chosen to step up and hold regular weekly events.

      Soul will be running Old Soul’s Event a time slot likely on the weekend to do old content if she has enough off hours people during the week who are interested she will do some then as well (daytime NA).

      Midnightrae is going to run champ trains she will be setting up a time slot for those soon.

      Ryan will be running raids as well as newbie raids please see him for more details.

      El will be tagging one night a week for WvW he will let us know what day he decides on (ps all those wanting to do reset tell him you’d be interested in him running a nudie reset team night he’s thinking about it so if you tell him you’re interested in that I’m sure he’ll pick that night)

      I encourage all Nudies to make sure you’re contacting the leaders and letting them know what you want and need. This will help you make sure you’re getting all that you need out of your guild experience.

      If you’re interested in leading an event let me know and we can talk about days ect. I will help everyone with the admin parts of events things like recruiting new guildies, posting on all the social networking sites, website, calendar and MOD in the game and just basically making sure you have all that you need to pull off events.

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