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      So since we have so many new to game players and almost all of them want a Legendary, I thought I’d post some links for you new players that can help you on your legendary hunt.

      A general list of all Legendarys currently offered in GW2 – Wiki Legends List

      A general Precursor list from wiki it lists all the precursors and explains a bit about them – Precursor List Wiki

      Guide to Crafting your precursor from wiki. Wiki tells you the steps but remember it is only the steps, sometimes you can figure out cheaper or more efficient ways of getting mats etc but the basic steps remain the same. Crafting Guide for Precursors
      Flow Chart to follow your progress or track your progress this site only works on the Old Legendarys new ones aren’t included but still it can help with at least mat tracking. You will have to register to the site this is so it will save your progress. – Flow Chart Site

      This one also helps you track the progress you made and also requires a Facebook login to track it. In addition it also only includes the old legendarys. – Legendary Progress Tool

      This is a handy tool site that can help you estimate the cost of things you may need, really this works with lots of things not just legendarys. – Cost Estimate Site

      As of 9/26/2016 Dulfy has posted an Anet update to Legendarys that article can be found on

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