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      Just for more tidbits to chew on in regards to this change Anet wants to do with WvW. See this link for more info on what I am talking about:

      The rule has been I dont kick you out if nude until 6 months of inactive and then you can always come back when you’re active again. While the come back when active again thing will remain the inactive part is going to have to change.
      I am going to have to weed and keep weeding out in order to be able to worry about the WvW implications.
      Alliances are going to be huge, and probably very competitive. I will have to play politics in order to make sure Nudies get the WvW experiences they desire. But I also need a realistic idea of who plays WvW with us or desires to do so and what our actual WvW numbers are. This means the 6 month rule is too long, and will have to change. Likely it will be 2 months (this allows for major illness or extended vacations) Also remember that all anyone HAS to do to be counted as active is to log into the game for like 5 mins time you can be counted as active. (I’d rather you were actually active though).

      That being said you all have now been warned. ******You have 2 weeks (Feb 15th) I will be kicking people over 2 months of inactive in order to get a more active guild count. *****

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