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      NUDE's Annual Halloween Bash
      Party starts at 7pm eastern!
      Our Events of the Evening

      Guild Costume Brawl 7:00pm (do as warm up at the beginning while waiting on people to get to party) No prizes on this its just for fun.
      Costume Contest – until done (depends on number of entries) Major prizes! Precusrors for legendary weapons, black lion weapon skins, pricy dyes and more!
      Guild Asuraball – 2 Teams – 1 Asuran – Winning Team all get prizes. Try and get Amber through the goal for your team.
      Roller Beatle Race (3 rounds of 1 lap) 3 prizes can only win 1 round – 3 winners get Desert Racer Mount Adoption License each prize is worth 400 gems!
      Hide N Seek 5 rounds 5 prizes no winning more than 1 round. This year’s hide is seek will be done with pictures so be sure to sign up to discord to see the images. 5 prizes
      Running Bare – Last 3 to survive win! We run naked and no weapons through maps, your only goal is to survive. 3 prizes.
      Naked Halloween Lab Run No prizes just for fun. Last event of the night.

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