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      Holiday Party Banner

      General Party Info

      Date: Dec 16 Saturday

      Time: 7pm eastern (I make them this early so that it is more convenient for our EU people)

      Voice: Nude Discord

      Costume Brawl – Stock up on your Christmas tonics and lets have some fun in the guild hall doing costume brawls – Reindeer, Snowmen, or any other holiday tonic.

      Blechers Bluff – In game there are achievement points for this and you need to do this with other races to get all the achievements

      Protect the Noob – Basically, 2 people will make a “new toon” it’ll be like level 2, one for each team (we will divide party guests into 2 teams) The parties are to protect their “Noob” through a higher level map in a race to the finish. *See rules below

      Protect the Noob

      2 teams – from all the party guests in attendance

      1 Noob per team – this time noobs can choose whatever race they want as the starting point is outside of LA, in Lornar’s Pass (Need 2 volunteers for this)

      2 moderators – 1 Per team their job is to follow the group and make sure their Noob gets the checkpoints and the team is following the rules (need 2 volunteers for this)

      Map: To be Lornar’s Pass (harder then past noob events) Level 25-40 ( I deliberately choose a harder map as it has been pointed out that it was getting too easy) In addition, this map will have 3 extra things to do that are not usually part of the noob event. Including a jumping puzzle, I will allow portals for these areas ONLY!

      Check point list will be distributed the night of the party.

      The teams protect their Noob through a map run in a race to the finish line. Anyone who has stumbled into a higher level area on a lower level toon knows this is incredibly hard in GW2 as lower levels in higher level areas create a bigger aggro circle and mobs focus them.

      • You can’t use waypoints (only to get back to a certain area if Noob dies and ONLY if said Noob has the waypoint) – Also no mesmer portals, no stealth skills, no port to friends, no booster
      • Check points along the way are needed to move on
      • If your Noob dies you must start over at the last checkpoint
      • Must STAY with your Noob if you stray too far from your Noob then the Noob must stop and sit down until stray member returns to them
      • First team to finishing point wins (I’m giving prizes to first team but don’t know yet what that will be)
      • All players do the run naked
      • No sabotaging the other group!
      • NO FLYING
      • NO MOUNTS
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