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      Ok so I have been bugged to death about this so I will try 1 more time but if it fails I’m not doing anything else about this matter. Guild name change ticket here’s my letter so far, I am looking for input from y’all also possible guild names (for those of you who don’t like the Beige). I am submitting some examples of guilds with names that are offensive or violate the naming policies of ANET I could use some help with that list too. I have been searching using this link I click the example pics to see what the guilds name is and refresh the list by clicking the left corner name of the site, this is a tedious process but doing that I have found names of 9 guilds that violate those rules. You can help out by finding me more (I like to back my shit up with facts).
      Secondly, I have requested they just switch the names of the 2 guilds I own (Beige and Nude Legends) that I requested as a compromise but that may not work so I also need possible guild names that we can as Anet for.
      Here’s my letter to ANET please read it and make suggestions either on this post or in your own doc.

      google doc

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