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      Since I have not had any interest in the Heart of Thorns (HOT) Story Chapters with Achievements days I have been running. I have changed the Old Souls Event Schedule to better accommodate the interest that has been expressed.
      Next Saturday (03/10/18) will be a catch up day. I will help anyone get thru any chapter of their HOT Story that they need in order to catch them up to Hearts & Minds. We will not be redoing chapters for achievements during the catch up day and will not be slowing down to get achievements. This is explicitly to get people thru the story run so they have the opportunity to run Chapter #16 Hearts and Minds (with achievements). I will try to be available as much of this day as possible, including before and after the event time in order to give as many as possible the best chance I can to catch up.
      On 03/24/18 Old Soul’s Event will begin running HOT Story Chapter #16 Hearts & Minds With Achievements (Except the Migraine Achievement) We will be doing this at least 2 Saturdays then I’ll evaluate if anyone else needs a 3rd Saturday.
      When everyone who has let me know they need it have gotten a chance to complete it, I will move on to running the Migraine Achievement. The same as with the story, I will run multiple Saturdays for getting the Migraine Achievement until everyone who expresses interest has a reasonable chance to complete it.
      As with all of my events EVERYONE is welcome and there are no requirements to participate other than having Heart of Thorns and being able to access the Chapter. Please check the pinned google doc in the PVE INFO tab of discord for the full schedule.

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