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      Due to the political events this week I feel it is necessary to address the issue tonight. I will being doing that tonight in Teamspeak and guild chat. But for those unable to make it this week here’s the thing NO politics to be discussed. If you need a place to talk about it please go to a separate room to do so with like minded individuals. I love you all and I love playing with all of you. But the guild will go under with the difference of opinions. Basically Im saying this keep your mouth shut about it in rooms with everyone in it. If you want to talk about politics take a few that think like you to another room and talk about it together.

      Tonight I will run my tag from 7pm eastern until WvW reset at 9pm. After 9pm I devote the rest of time online tonight to talking politics with people who think like me, in case you live on the moon and don’t know me that means liberal I feel you guys need a place to vent and I’m telling you i will be that safe place.

      If someone from the opposing side needs the same sort of comfort I suggest you gather those people with you and move to a different room to do so.

      If you don’t want to talk politics you can stay in the rooms and just play your game it is all good.

      But at the end of the day, I want us to come together and just play and have a good time. No political jokes, no political bashing, no politics period. I may look into making 2 new rooms for the above mentioned purposes but we all need try and keep this out of our guild.

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